When All Plans Fail

Practical things! Everyday things!

No hype, no fear. Just doing what is practical and prudent. In this same spirit, you can prepare for potential disasters in a way that will make you ready rather than a victim—and help others who can’t help themselves.Dr. Williams, in When All Plans Fail, challenges us to step forward and be prepared and reminds us that as followers of Jesus we have a secret code for all emergencies: “Dial” Psalm: 91:1.


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Are You Ready


Take One action item each day. You will find the unique and easy to follow Twenty-One Day Plan in When All Plans Fail. YOU WILL BE WELL ON YOUR WAY TO BEING PREPARED!

This straight talk book about disaster preparedness for you and your family is now available in ebook format! Take the information with you ON the GO with your Kindle, Nook, smart phone, iPad or notebook.

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you neighbors church

When All Plans Fail will help you develop your Personal Family Response Plan. The book will also help maximize neighborhood disaster response planning. When disasters strike, “Better a neighbor nearby than a brother far away.” When All Plans Fail shows how you and your church have the opportunity in times of crisis to “Make the Invisible God Visible”.

What they are saying about when all plans fail


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