When All Plans Fail is written from a Christian perspective, and the core of the book is directed toward helping YOU as an individual prepare yourself and your family for the days ahead. Don’t Be a Victim! If you are not prepared, you are much more likely to be a victim and even be a barrier to the effectiveness of disaster response teams. Hurricane Katrina in 2005 revealed major weaknesses in local, regional and national response planning. Even in smaller disasters it may take several days for first response teams to reach you and your family.

The truth of the matter is that the majority of people have not adequately planned for common everyday crises, whether or not they reach the level of disasters. Let me ask you some practical questions that, if not answered in the affirmative, will often result in frustration and loss of valuable time and resources . . . or worse:

• Do you keep jumper cables in the trunk of your car?
• Do you keep flashlights with good batteries on hand, or do you have flashlights that do not require batteries?
• Do you keep an umbrella in your car?
• Do you have surge protectors for your critical electrical appliances and office equipment?
• Do you carry your computer in a properly padded case or handbag?
• Do you cover your sensitive plants to protect them from the cold when a freeze warning is issued?
• Do you wear protective clothing if you are going to do outside work where you know you will encounter poison ivy?
• Do you take along extra water when jogging or riding your bicycle on long excursions?
• Do you avoid lifting objects too heavy for you?
• Do you change the oil in your car on the recommended schedule?
• Do you have health insurance?
• Do you have life insurance (if you can afford it?)
• Do you have homeowners insurance?
• Do you pray every day?
• Do you read the Bible every day?

Practical things. Everyday things. No hype, no fear. Just doing what is practical and prudent.

You probably answered yes to many of these, if not most. In this same spirit, you can prepare for potential disasters in a way that will make you prepared and ready rather than a victim— and help others who can’t help themselves (see Chapter 7).

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